There are things we never get to know, there are people who remain mysterious, and there are stories without end...
The story of wine, which is steadily co-created by us, winegrowers, hand in hand with the unpredictable nature writes new stories every day.

The history of winegrowing at our farm dates back to the XIX century. Much has changed since the early beginnings, yet our dedication to the vine and its wine remained undisputable. It has always been a big challenge for us to find a common language with the unpredictable nature and enrichen its gifts so as to please our own and the taste of all other wine lovers and admirers.

We have been known as a producer of fresh fruity wines with nicely expressed varietal characteristics. The differences between day and night temperatures in the grape maturation period warrant freshness, a typical feature of wines from the region of Styria (Štajerska).
Our vineyards have always been hand-cultivated, which means each of our vines truly feels the shade of its winegrower.