Alojzij Gaube

Alojzij GAUBE
September 29 1970

Klavdija GAUBE, born Riedl
February 5 1971

Married since August 14 1993

Children: Patrik

Alojzij and Klavdija take over the farm on the basis of a contract of delivery of ownership on May 14 2004. The same year they purchase a previously hired vineyard. They launch a renewal of their vineyards plus buy another hectare in 2005. Klavdija carries the crown of the Svečina Wine Queen between 2002 and 2003. Construction of a new, contemporary wine cellar and wine tasting rooms begins in May 2008. The new premises are inaugurated on September 11 2009.

Selected data for 2009:

  • 6 hectares of meadows and pastures
  • 1,16 hectares of fields
  • 7,12 hectares of own vineyards
  • 0,5 hectares of rented vineyards
  • 4 hectares of forest.