Svečina, 7.1.1918

The last-year vintage started earlier than expected in our village. Our harvest pace was dictated by numerous guests from the garrison in Maribor who came to the area for maneouvres already in early October. They said it was by mistake as they had been unaware that the grapes from our borderline area had not yet been harvested. There was a lot of shooting, music and singing going on, but the winegrowers were not too happy to see the unexpected guests pick a lot of grapes. They promised they would compensate for the damage and come later in the year next time around.

Although we had to grape harvest early, the quality remained very good. The Closterneuburg must weigh revealed sugar levels of between 18 and 20% in mixed varieties and between 20 and 23% in varieties of higher quality.

In the lower area a strong spring hoarfrost from May 12 and 14, unseen in such dimensions since 1886, destroyed up to 90% of the harvest. It all happened owing to a particularly strong northerly that blew away the fog, which made any smoking against hoarfrost fruitless.